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Welcome to Elk Valley Equine, the veterinary practice of Dr. Amy Constantine. We specialize in care for horses by practicing the latest techniques for our patients in southern Tennessee and northern Alabama.


Dr. Amy Constantine is a native of Lincoln County, Tennessee. She has always loved not only the beautiful rolling hills of southern Tennessee, but also the strong agricultural roots of the communities. 


Offering a variety of services, we specialize in equine medicine and utilize the latest techniques.



Give us a call to schedule a visit to your farm. We provide on-site care for your convenience.


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Our story

Dr. Amy Constantine is a native of Lincoln County, Tennessee. She has always loved not only the beautiful rolling hills of southern Tennessee, but also the strong agricultural roots of the communities. When not working, she enjoys spending time with her family and animals. 

The Journey Back Home:

Dr. Amy Constantine bought Dr. Mike Harry’s practice in 2018. She knew Dr. Harry for many years, going back to when she was a student trying to get into vet school. She shadowed him both at his Lincoln County practice and briefly during his time working in Ocala, FL. Dr. Harry was kind enough to write her a letter of recommendation that helped her gain admittance into the University of Tennessee. After veterinary school, Dr. Constantine started working at a Thoroughbred racetrack practice in Louisiana, but she always had in the desire to have her own practice back home.  She had the opportunity to acquire Dr. Harry’s reputable practice and continuing to serve her clients in southern Tennessee.

“I’m so thankful to have gained the wonderful clients that he served for the past 30+ years. Dr. Harry continues to help me in an advisory capacity and always loves to hear about how his old patients are doing. ” -Dr. Constantine


  • University of Louisiana-Lafayette — Bachelor’s in Animal Science

  • University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine — Doctor of Veterinary Medicine


  • Associate Racetrack Veterinarian — Acadiana Equine Hospital in Lafayette, LA

  • Associate Veterinarian — Equine Performax in Thompson’s Station, TN

  • Surgeon/Wellness Veterinarian — Pet Community Center in Nashville, TN

  • Additional training in acupuncture obtained through the International Veterinary Acupuncture Society (IVAS)

  • Additional training in chiropractic obtained through the Animal Chiropractic Education Source (ACES)

So happy with Dr. Constantine. Always available for my “problem children”. Have a horse with PPID and her knowledge about it is priceless when dealing with him. Also chiro and acupuncture available so all done in one visit.

Monika Chaffin


Emergencies are available 24/7 for current clients only. In the event that your horse needs care after hours, please call and do not text as this is not guaranteed to get a response.

A variety of surgeries can be performed on site, at your farm. More complicated cases are typically referred to the client’s hospital of choice

The vet perform yearly physicals, dental exams, vaccinations, and routine bloodwork such as Coggins tests. We recommend having your horse vaccinated yearly according to AAEP guidelines

High quality and portable imaging is available to assess your horse’s needs.

The lameness exam is a multi-step methodical-veterinary exam wherein a veterinarian tries to determine where the pain in a limb originates and the nature of that pain.

Comprehensive breeding and neonatal care for your mare and foal. Services include artificial insemination, foal plasma transfusions, and embryo transfers

A highly effective and ancient method to treat or prevent disease, including pain in horses.

A form of manual therapy that uses short lever, high velocity, low amplitude and controlled thrusts.

Limited to vaccinations by request. For full service care, we refer to Fayetteville Animal Clinic.

Injections that provide anti-inflammatory effects which can alleviate lameness and improve any joint capsule distention.

Upper airway endoscopy is an excellent tool for diagnosing a variety of problems in the nasal passages, sinuses, and upper airway of the throat. It is minimally invasive and can usually be performed with little to no sedation. *Note* this is not used for diagnosing gastric ulcers as that requires a much longer 3-meter  endoscope.

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